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Silentnight Mattresses have over 60 years of producing top quality mattresses, Silentnight have maintained their position as UK’s top mattress producer.

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By making huge investments in research and product development, the company has always been on the forefront in mattress innovation. It is difficult to find a home that does not use or has never used a Silentnight mattress in the UK. Such is the prominence of the brand. While the company produces many types of mattresses, its most popular mattress are the spring mattress types.

Silentnight has two outstanding mattress brands that are made using a unique spring system that has a revolutionary shape as opposed to the ordinary circular springs. This spring system is able to spread the pressure from a user’s weight and distribute it evenly giving the user a very comfortable experience. The Miracoil is Silentnight’s exclusive open spring mattress available in its classics collection while the Mirapocket is its one-of-a-kind pocket spring mattress brand available in the diamond collection.

Below, we explore some of the main advantages of the two Silentnight mattress brands featured above.

Miracoil Mattresses

This open spring mattress has a unique zone support that ensures your spine is aligned in the correct position at all times during sleep. Having the right posture allows your body adequate rest while eliminating the chances of suffering from back aches. The springs in the mattress are arranged to offer proper pressure relief leading to a relaxed night’s sleep. This enjoyable rest makes you wake up refreshed and ready for the day giving you a chance to lead a more productive life.
The mattress also has high pressure absorbent properties. This means that the movement of one partner in bed is absorbed at the point of their movement. The vibration does not get to the other partner hence the mattress does not have a roll-over effect.

Mirapocket Mattresses

This mattress offers all the advantages of a pocket spring mattress and has further additional benefits because of its exclusive advanced pocket spring technology. The numerous individual springs housed in their own pockets work together to give you the perfect comfort not available in any other mattress. The springs also produce a supportive and firm support that is evenly spread across the body. While other mattresses lose their original shape and sink in some parts, this mattress retains its level shape and you can sleep from edge to edge without rolling to the middle. This comfortable mattress is available in pure pocket mattress and an advanced dual sprung pocket mattress.

Whichever Silentnight mattress you choose, you can be sure it will offer you great support for a long time.

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