4ft 6 Double Open Coil Mattresses

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2ft 6 Small Single Mattress3ft Single Mattress4ft Small Double Mattress
4ft 6 Double Mattress5ft King Size Mattress6ft Super King Size Mattress

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Measuring 135 x 190 cm this mattress size is just ideal for your needs. For a newly married couple, your choice of mattress is important to avoid having to change it after a while. With a baby expected in the near future, saving on costs is a priority. This is reason you should go for a double open coil mattress. Because it has been tried and tested for generations, an open coil springs mattress will give you comfort and durability.

The mattress is available in soft, medium and hard. To be on the safe side, your best bet would be the medium level of firmness. The medium mattress has coil springs rated at gauge 13. These springs are thick enough to last for a long time, yet they are responsive to pressure. The choice of the cover material will also make a difference in the comfort of the mattress. Choosing a breathable material such as cotton will serve you well because of its ability to allow air circulation. This is crucial in cooling the mattress during the hot season. The material also feels warm during the cold season. Further, the open coil mattress spreads the pressure across your body allowing you to wake up feeling rested and ready to face a new day.

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