3ft Single Open Coil Mattresses

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The mattress measuring 90 x 190cm is a common household feature. When looking for a tough mattress to withstand heavy use, the standard single open coil mattress is the definite choice. Used for a number of functions. Any family that has a child will at some point own a standard single mattress for the child’s bed. With children being energetic and sometimes destructive, an open coil mattress can withstand all their rough treatment.

This durable mattress can easily serve them from their pre-teens years all the way to their late teens. It is also important to give the children a mattress that offers them a good level of support for their developing bones. The ability of the open coil mattress to maintain a good sleeping posture for the user is especially critical for children because it leads to a proper development of their bones. In addition, children need a comfortable mattress to get a good night’s sleep to improve their performance in school. Well rested children perform better in academic activities. The open coil standard single mattress however is not just for children because an average-sized adult can comfortably sleep on the bed. Such a user will enjoy sleeping on the bed because of the ability of the open coil mattress to align their spine in a neutral position. This makes them feel refreshed on waking up in the morning.

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