Open Coil Mattresses

Open Coil Sprung Mattresses have been in use for a long time. They have been trusted to offer medium and firm support and have always been affordable and exceptionally durable.

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2ft 6 Small Single Mattress3ft Single Mattress4ft Small Double Mattress
4ft 6 Double Mattress5ft King Size Mattress6ft Super King Size Mattress

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Otherwise known as a spring mattress, these mattresses are made of coil springs placed within the length of the mattress.

The standard double coil mattress has an average of around 320 springs joined together with a wire called a helical. The height of the mattress is determined by the number of coils usually between 5-6 coils high.

This connection of the springs together using a helical produces an effect of one big spring. To ensure a firm construction, a firm rod is placed running around the outer edges on the top and bottom to keep the springs in position. There have been some advances with the spring mattresses being supplemented with a thick layer of foam or memory foam. The effect is a firm yet comfortable mattress.

However, even with the advances in the production of this mattress type, the manufacturing of the traditional open coil spring mattress continues because it remains a very comfortable and durable option. One of the main reasons the open coil mattress remains popular is the low cost of production and reasonable prices that offer people a viable option. This mattress type is available in three options namely soft, medium and firm.

The level of mattress firmness is determined by the size and thickness of the spring also referred to as the gauge. There are three broad gauge measurements ranging between gauge 12 to gauge 13.5. The lowest gauge which is 12 represents the mattress with the thickest springs hence producing a very firm mattress suitable for heavy users. Gauge 13 represents the medium-size springs and produces a mattress that has a medium level of firmness. On the other hand, the highest gauge 13.5 produces the softest type of coil mattresses.

The level of comfort is also determined by the type of material of the top surface. The standard mattresses have polyester and wool finishes while the more luxurious finishes include damask and even cashmere. However, it is also possible increase the comfort by using a memory foam topper. It all depends on the amount of money a customer is willing to spend. This improved version provides the benefits associated with the two mattress technologies.

For a buyer be on a tight budget, an open spring mattress with an ordinary finish such as wool offers an adequate level of comfort while being durable. Other improvements in the spring technology include the pocket spring mattress that has the springs enclosed in pockets. Although foam mattresses have taken a fair share of the market, open spring mattresses still have their place in the mattress market.

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