4ft 6 Double Mattresses

Available Sizes
2ft 6 Small Single Mattress 3ft Single Mattress4ft Small Double Mattress
4ft 6 Double Mattress5ft King Size Mattress6ft Super King Size Mattress
90 x 200 cm140 x 200 cm160 x 200 cm

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For a couple, a double mattress size at 4ft 6” x 6ft 3” (54” x 75”) or 135 x 190 cm will be adequate for your needs. Taking good care of your body begins with having adequate rest. To ensure you have enough rest to be productive, you should make sure you have a good quality sleep. If you are able to sort your sleep needs, your body will have enough time to regenerate and recover from any infections. Your mattress has a huge role to play in your sleep patterns, and you should exercise great care while choosing a mattress.

This mattress is to be found in all types and your choice will be determined by your needs. A highly absorbent mattress that takes all the pressure when you turn is ideal because it means both partners can enjoy good quality sleep without disturbance. For two people sharing a bed, it may tend to get hot especially during the hot season. A mattress with a cool absorbent cover ensures that the bed does not get too hot at night leading to an interruption of sleep. Shopping widely before making a purchase gives you more options to consider. Browsing through online stores will reveal to you quality mattress types that offer a long warranty period and a return policy if you are not satisfied.

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