2ft 6 Small Single Mattresses

Available Sizes
2ft 6 Small Single Mattress 3ft Single Mattress4ft Small Double Mattress
4ft 6 Double Mattress5ft King Size Mattress6ft Super King Size Mattress
90 x 200 cm140 x 200 cm160 x 200 cm

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The 2’6” x 6’3” or 75 x 190 cm memory foam mattress has all the pressure relieving properties that will make your child grow properly. With your children being the most precious thing to you in the world, it is in your interest to give them the best in life. A firm foundation is necessary to start them off in life. A good bed with a nice memory foam mattress not only allows them have an adequate sleep, but is also good for their growth.

This is because the mattress will give the ideal support for their backs and spine. This support is important in children since their bones are in the growth stage and they are required to maintain a correct posture for normal growth. An adequate and restful sleep promotes learning because it reinforces any information learned during the day. It is therefore important for your child to have adequate sleep to improve their memory and concentration in school. A memory foam mattress is a good choice to promote a child’s restful sleep.

With children being playful in nature, they require a durable mattress that will handle their rough usage. This size of a memory foam mattress is also perfect for a small bedroom because its compact size allows sharing because it makes it possible for more than one bed to be placed in the room.

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