European IKEA Sized Mattresses

European Size Mattresses, or IKEA size standard European size mattresses are a result of the dominance of one furniture company that is among the largest retailers in the UK.

Available Sizes
70 x 165 cm70 x 200 cm75 x 200 cm90 x 200 cm
120 x 200 cm140 x 200 cm160 x 200 cm

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Operating out of Netherlands, this Swedish company  is among the biggest furniture retailer in the world

It is estimated to be the largest consumer of wood in the world and is estimated to process around 1% of the wood in the entire world, this according to a July 2013 media report. Although it is a private company, it has a prominent and dominant presence in Europe. This major presence has led IKEA mattress sizes to be considered the European standard sizes. The IKEA European mattress sizes are in certain instances different from the standard UK mattress sizes.

The following are the European mattress sizes.

Small Singe

The European small single size measures 2 feet 8” x 6 feet 6” (80 x 200cm). This is truly a children’s bed because of its small size. It is also popular in bench-type beds. Some small guest room facilities combine two small size mattresses to make a double size bed. Because of its small size, the mattress can be used for guests and stored away to be used whenever the need arises.


The IKEA single mattress measures 2 feet 6” x 6 feet 6” (90 x 200cm) It is slightly longer than the standard UK single. This mattress size is usually used for children’s bed. However, an average-size adult may fit of the bed although without much room for movement. This mattress size is also convenient for taking along on a camping trip or for any other mobile location where a need for a mattress may arise.

European Double

This double mattress size measures 4 feet 7” x 6 feet 6” (140 x 200cm). It is easily the most common type of mattress size found in most homes. Its popularity is due to the fact that it has a multiple number of uses. It can be used by individuals who enjoy stretching and rolling on the bed or even couple.

European King Size

The European king size measures 5 feet 2” x 6 feet 6” (160 x 200cm). This is a luxurious mattress size for a couple who love a more spacious bed. This mattress size is available in all the premium types of mattresses. It comes with quality breathable finishes such as bamboo or wool.

European Super King Size

The European Super king is the ultimate in size and quality. Measuring 6 feet x 6 feet 6” (180 x 200cm) this mattress size features only the best mattress types. Most custom made mattresses are available in this size. The mattress is usually accompanied by the finest covers and bed stands which are usually found in spacious and well decorated rooms.

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