Contract Mattresses

Contract mattresses are mattresses made for commercial use following strict fire regulations under the EU and UK’s Source 5 Flammability Standard BS7177 and Source 7 Flame Retardant Mattresses standards.

Available Sizes
2ft 6 Small Single Mattress3ft Single Mattress4ft Small Double Mattress
4ft 6 Double Mattress5ft King Size Mattress6ft Super King Size Mattress

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The reason contract mattresses are made under such tough regulations.

It is because they are meant to be used in high fire risk areas such as hotels, guest houses, guest cottages, schools, colleges and universities. Other locations the mattresses are recommended include apartment blocks, caravan parks, oil rigs and prisons. The mattresses manufacturers also have to meet certain conditions which include tests to their products before they are given a go-ahead to produce in bulk.

Because of the rigorous checks, contract mattresses are more durable than the ordinary types produced for domestic use. There is no reason to stop anyone from purchasing contract mattresses because they are as comfortable as the rest depending on the material used. Contract memory foam mattresses are a good choice because they offer the expected benefits of comfort and adapting to a users body shape to give them great, even support. In addition, because comfort mattresses use natural fire retardants such as wool, the mattresses are breathable hence their surface is cool during hot weather and warm during cold weather. Breathable materials are also desirable because they are easy to clean and do not retain odors keeping the mattress smelling fresh all the time.

Another advantage of purchasing contract mattresses is the fact that you can get special custom sizes of the products. While the ordinary mattresses are made in standard sizes, contract mattress manufacturers give buyers an option of customization. Further, most of the manufacturers have their own delivery system due to the volume of orders they receive from institutions. If you purchase items from them, you will get them delivered to your location at no charge.

You may also be pleased to know that purchasing contract mattresses is cheaper because you get to deal with the manufacturer directly. This eliminates the agents in between and you get to make substantial savings. Because the mattresses are meant to be used by the public, they are made to be resistant to allergens and are also treated to eliminate pests such as bedbugs. The hotel industry in particular is very sensitive to bedbugs because their presence may cause the closure of rooms and affect their business. They are therefore safe for individuals with allergies. However, a number of contract mattress manufacturers only sell to businesses but you may still be able to purchase as an individual online.

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