3ft Single Cheap Mattresses

Available Sizes
2ft 6 Small Single (75 x 190 cm)3ft Single (90 x 190 cm)4ft Small Double (120 x 190 cm)
4ft 6 Double (135 x 190 cm)5ft King Size (150 x 200 cm)6ft Super King (180 x 200 cm)
90 x 200 cm140 x 200 cm160 x 200 cm

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The mattress 3ft x 6’3” or 90 x 190 cm is available in all mattress varieties and is a popular size with children and young adults. If you are looking to purchase a single mattress on the cheap, you stand a good chance of getting yourself one. Being a popular mattress size, This increases your chances of getting a good discount deal on the mattress. By going to as many stores as possible, you are well placed to come across a cheap single mattress. One of the best methods of getting the exact mattress you are looking for is by browsing through online stores. Most online stores have a very comprehensive range of mattresses to suit your preference and budget.

If you are purchasing the single mattresses for your school or motel, you will definitely get good bulk discounts on your purchase. Depending on the mattress type of your choice, you may also get great discounts on mattress types that are not fast moving. This is common for new brands that have not established themselves in the market. By going for such brands, you increase your chances of buying cheap single mattresses. You may also inquire about cheaper options from well known brands, they always have a discounted mattress type. As long as you invest some time in looking for cheap single mattresses you will get exactly what you are looking for.

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