4ft Small Double Bed Frames

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The 4ft Small double bed frame measures 4' x 6'3″ or 120 x 190cm, this bed size offers you additional comfort and space. If you sleep alone and wish to upgrade from your current single bed, the 4ft double bed size is the natural choice for you. It allows you to even share the bed with the occasional guest. Available in many designs, you can choose a suitable one to match with your overall bedroom décor. There are many elegant frame designs such as the contemporary styles that will change the look of your bedroom. You also have a choice of using common materials such as wood and metal or going for something rare like a frame made of recycled materials.

If you love thick mattresses, you should be careful to choose a frame design that has the depth to accommodate your mattress size. For small hotels, this bed size is favoured because of its ability to accommodate a single guest or a couple. A bed frame made with strong hard wood will serve the hotel owner well for many years. For the ladies with their love of bright and beautiful things, this bed frame is available in a range of bright and appealing colours. We welcome you to visit our online store and browse through our catalogue to find a small double bed frame that is just right for you.

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