3ft Single Bed Frames

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The single bed frame size measures 3' x 6'3″ or 90 x 190cm and will fit comfortably and leave you space for the clothes cabinet. It is said that everything in this world is limited and space is no exception. If you have recently moved to a house where the bedroom space is small, the standard single bed is likely to be your savior. This bed frame is available in many designs depending on the purpose. It is available in plain, modern, classic, vintage and many others styles. If made to be used for as a child’s bed, it is available in some fancy designs and colours.

In case it is made to serve more than one child, it is built as a bunk bed with a protective railing for safety of the child sleeping on the top level. This type of arrangement not only saves space but saves the parents the cost of furnishing two separate children’s bedrooms. This bed frame is also used for commercial purposes in places such as lodges and small hotels. When used in such busy place the main consideration of a single bed frame is the strength of the structure. It has to be built strong enough to withstand heavy duty use.

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