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Bed frames are the secret to a great looking bedroom. Choosing the right bed frame or working around your current design is no easy task.

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When working on your dream bedroom design, there are many things to consider such as the style, colours and materials to use. However, the centre of attraction in any bedroom is the bed. Unless you are able to match your décor with your bedroom, your most important room will lack harmony. If you intend to buy a new bed frame, you may be surprised by the huge range of options available. But if you have a clear idea of the exact bed frame you need, the process is so much easier. In case you have not made a firm decision, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind.

The Design

There are numerous bed frame designs from classic, modern, elegant, fantasy among many others. The décor of your bedroom will play a part in your decision. If you want a modern bedroom, there are many attractive contemporary bed frame designs available to suit your taste. However, it is important to look for a design that will accommodate the mattress type you desire. There are some bed frames that are not built to handle thick mattresses. You should therefore have the specific dimensions of your mattress to ensure a perfect fit.

Bed Frame Material

The main bed frame materials are mainly wood and metal. Between the two materials, there are many variations to choose from. For example wood has so many varieties and types like hardwood variants such as oak and softwood options such as pine. For the lovers of sustainable materials, there are some good frames made from recycled materials. If you want a fantasy bed, there are some real fancy theme based bed frames made from a variety of materials to produce a unique bed. An example is the nest bed made in the shape and design of a bird nest.

Strength and type of bed

With many bed types to choose from such as bunk beds, cabin beds, children’s beds or even storage beds, the most important thing to look out for is the strength of the joints. A good bed should have joints that fit perfectly when fastened to prevent the creaking so common with beds with a weak structure. If need be, you should also be able to dismantle the bed for ease of transport when you are moving house.

Another key consideration is your budget which may limit you from purchasing your preferred bed type. Fortunately at our online store, we have a wide range of bed frames at amazingly affordable prices. This is because we purchase directly from the manufacturers in bulk and choose to pass those savings onto you.

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