About Mattressland

Shop with a name you can trust

We at Mattressland carefully select every product for quality, style and originality. Our passion lies in discovering unique new products and we’ve spent a lot of time choosing the 1,000 or so items (and counting) you’ll find on our website.

We get hundreds of new products landing on our desks and popping up in our in-boxes every single week but we only select the very best. We insist on exceptional quality, so if it’s not well-made, it doesn’t make the grade. We’re style seekers too and are always on the lookout for beautiful design and detailing.

Choose products that inspire us.

Why do we have such a strict selection process? That’s easy. It’s our way of making sure you’ll end up with a purchase you’ll love from the moment it arrives and for many years to come. Or a gift that will make you very popular indeed!

Supporting Britain’s businesses

We’re proud to have over 20 of Britain’s most creative manufacturers as our selling partners. They’re a diverse and extremely talented bunch of  independent businesses that share one thing in common – they’re as passionate about quality, innovation and style as we are. That’s why we invited them to sell with us.

Everything you buy from Mattressland comes directly from one of these businesses. So when you shop with us, you’ll be directly supporting the future and growth of Britain’s business talent.

Exceptional quality to the last detail

Only a small percentage of the businesses that apply to sell with us are accepted. That’s because we only select sellers whose products meet our stringent quality standards. It’s just one of the ways we ensure you’ll be delighted with your purchase.

Discover unique products

We all love finding something extra special and a little bit unique, whether we’re treating ourselves or a loved one. So you won’t find mass-produced products at Mattress Direct.

Award-winning customer service

We want to make sure that every Mattressland customer is a happy one. Because when you’re happy, we’re delighted. So whether you’re shopping online or by phone, we make the experience fun and hassle-free, from when you place your order to when the postie delivers your package.



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